Just An Old-Fashioned Long Song Part 1

(Rarely do I feel a responsibility to warn a reader about extreme content, but in this story there are some unusually graphic moments, placed not for sensationalism, but that the reader might come to a better understanding of the victims of abuse and their suffering. Because I am aware I do have some younger readers and some who may be sensitive, I have included an optional "PG" section that may be selected.)

Rated "R" (violence and adult situations)

Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song
October 1965

by Peg Keeley
Thanks to Cheryl for staying with me and the encouragement!


Part 1

"Whoa, see that cute wahine?" Kono Kalahuana whispered urgently.

Dan Williams did not change his focus from the surfboard he was diligently waxing. "Which one?" The bikini clad female group was well represented on the warm, sunny beach.

"What you mean 'which one'?" Kono replied in earnest. "She right dere, man. The green and yellow suit."

This time Danny dared to give a quick glance before returning to his work on the board. "Nice."

"Nice? You just say 'nice'? She's an angel." Kono knelt in the sand, the unused paraffin wax block in his hand.

"Go say hi to her."

"I couldn't do that," Kono gasped.

Danny smirked. "You sound like a high school kid on a hormone high."

"Maybe she's with someone."

"I didn't see anyone."

"Dammit, you hardly even looked at her!"

Danny fixed his gaze on Kono now. "Kono, if she had a guy with her, I would know."

"How?" Kono jutted out his jaw.

He just shook his head. "If you like her, go say hi to her."

Kono gave a longing look across the beach to where the object of the discussion relaxed on a beach chair in the sun, her tanned skin glistening with cocoa butter, her long silky black hair dropped over the back of the chair where the light sea breeze played with the tresses. Kono licked his lips. "I can't. I'd be all thumbs."

Danny grinned, tossed aside his wax and picked up his board. "You ready to surf?"

Kono stared back down at his board. "Gotta finish waxing it." He began to viciously rub the wax across the surface of his board.

Danny jammed his board into the sand and looked over towards the girl Kono had mentioned. If she was aware of their attention, she did not show it as she lay back on the chair. He glanced back at Kono still rubbing wax on his surf board, grinned, then crossed the short distance of sand with a confident stride. Danny could tell her eyes were closed behind her sunglasses as he silently picked up her tanning butter. "Here." He smoothed some on her left shoulder. "You missed a spot."

She became alert, but did not register alarm as she lifted off the sunglasses and smiled pleasantly at him. "My, that's an interesting come on."

"Oh, well," he smoothed more solution gently on the other shoulder, aware that Kono was now watching intently. "I didn't want you to be sunburned. No way to spend your holiday."

"Holiday?" She looked at him quizzically.

"I just assumed you were -"

"A tourist?" she completed with a soft smile.

He shrugged. "Do you surf?"

She sat up more. "I have never tried."

"Really? Never? Well," he straightened a bit. "My friend and I were about to hit the waves. Want to join us?" He gestured towards Kono who was almost beside himself with fury that Danny appeared to have muscled in on the woman of his attraction.

She looked over a Kono. "Well, if you will both make sure I am safe." She opened her deep brown eyes wider in mock innocence.

He extended his hand and she placed hers into it. As he helped her to her feet he was impressed by how small and delicate she was. Barely reaching his shoulder, she was not taller than five feet. He led her towards Kono. "I am Dan. This is my friend, Kono."

She smiled gently. "Kono? That sounds like a wild island name."

Kono's face reddened.

Danny continued his introductions in a gentlemanly fashion. "Kono this is…" Embarrassed, he realized he'd not asked her name.

She giggled, bringing a ladylike hand to her lips. "Chancy. Chancy Jacobi."

"Chancy?" Danny repeated with the lift of an eyebrow.

She giggled again. "Daddy was a big gambler."

The three of them headed into the waves where Danny diplomatically suggested Kono carry Chancy, although he was wishing he wasn't such good friends with Kono for he would have liked to have Chancy on his board.

Kono lifted Chancy effortlessly to his board, his large, strong hands on her slim waist as though she was fragile crystal. He hefted himself up behind her, his nervous perspiration blending with salt water and, with her seated before him as they both straddled the fiberglass board, gave gentle, patient instructions to her for riding her first wave.

Danny had paddled out behind them and sat on his board in mild pleasure and envy, wishing it were his hands on the slim, soft waist of the girl, but comforting himself with having done the right thing.

Kono picked a small wave. "Here we go!" he announced and moments later executed a perfect ride for Chancy's maiden voyage.

Two hours later, boards up and away and the sun much lower on the horizon, the three headed into the small bar and grill off the beach. The atmosphere was friendly, the air cool from the hot sun.

Chancy shivered just a little and Kono placed his shirt around her shoulders. She smiled warmly and thanked him.

Danny gave a small grin. I don't often feel like the outsider, but I think I'll make an exit. "I think I'll be going."

"Oh, don't!" Chancy said emphatically. "Stay, have a burger with us."

Us? "No, really, I have lots to do." Socks to wash or something.

Kono made no effort to encourage him to stay. "See you in the morning," he offered cheerfully.

Giving a nod, Danny made his exit with one more glance over his shoulder. What I don't do for a friend.

Chancy watched him leave. "Do you think he's upset?"

"Danno?" Kono laughed. "Not at all."

"Then why did he go?"

He hesitated. "I think he's trying to be a vegetarian this week."

"Really?" Chancy giggled. "He doesn't look the type."

Kono picked up the menu. "So, let me recommend the ribs. They've got a really great sweet-n-sour sauce in this place."

Chancy smiled. "Okay, sounds good to me."

Wow, I can't believe that this angel has dropped from heaven. She's beautiful, gentle, sweet - and she's with me. Kono watched her as she studied the menu just a little longer, her dark wavy hair so soft and inviting. Please don't let me do anything to ruin this!

Danny considered himself a morning person. He had no difficulty rising by 5:30, working out at the gym for an hour before eating what would even by Steve's standards be a healthy breakfast and heading for the office. He was proud that he'd cut back on smoking. In the year of his employment, he'd quite three times, restarted twice. Maybe the third time is a charm. He bounded up the stairway into the office, fifteen minutes early for work, but still not ahead of McGarrett.

"Morning, Danno," Steve's voice called from the open door of his office.

"Morning. Did you catch the baseball results from last night?" Danny called back.

McGarrett put aside a report. "You won't like it. Wouldn't you rather wait for the replay?"

"What do you mean I 'won't like it.'?" Danny's animated attention was captivated. "Look, I may miss the replay tonight."

"Twins took the first game. Koufax sat it out."

"He did what?"

"Jewish holiday."


"Yeah, Yom Kippur. He didn't play."

"Baseball is greater than religion," Danny muttered.

Steve gave a moderate chuckle. "For some baseball is their religion."

Danny sighed and picked up a coffee cup. "Thanks, I think I'll take in a movie tonight."

"Don't mention it."

Danny filled his cup and headed out of the office, shutting the door behind him as Steve picked up the phone.

Chin was just arriving and gave a cheerful greeting. "Coming for the game tonight?"

"No thanks," he grumbled.

"I tell you, you gotta stop getting the scoop before the game is replayed -- spoils it for you!" Chin advised.

May came in, a cake box in hand. "Thought I'd bring some sweets to console your loss, Danny."

He rolled his eyes. "Even a girl knows the Dodgers dropped one to the Twins!"

She frowned. "What does that mean? Don't you think a woman can follow baseball? Maybe I'll keep my chocolate cake to myself."

Chin laughed. "Dig your way out of that one, Danny."

On the dot of 7:00, Steve's door opened. "Danno, let's get everyone in here."

Chin came out of his cubicle. "Seen Kono?"

Danny shook his head. "Maybe he's late."

"Maybe?" Steve remarked. "It is 7:01. He is late."

Danny felt like he should be making excuses for his tardy friend. "Just give him five?"

Steve patiently walked back into his office. "Five minutes."

Chin shook his head. "Kono gonna be wishin' he was here."

Danny hurried to his phone and dialed Kono's number. What if he went home with Chancy? The phone rang repeatedly. Just as he hung up the phone, the outer door opened and Kono floated through it, an expression of ethereal glow on his features.

Danny rushed out to greet him annoyed at Kono's jubilant smile in the face of his late arrival. "We had a staff meeting scheduled for 7:00."

Kono blinked, glancing at his watch. "Oh, I forgot." He broke into a broader smile, the tardy morning start still of no concern. "Danno, she is one awesome wahine! Even more that I thought."

"You have a good evening?" Danny asked with a grin.

"Did I ever," He rolled his eyes. "I hated to leave her! She's not just beautiful. She's kind, sweet, and smart, too!"

Steve cleared his throat from the doorway to his office. "Gentlemen, if we can conclude the soap opera?"

Danny blushed. "Meeting," he muttered.

May giggled. "Good luck, Steve -- looks like Cupid has speared a big one this time."

McGarrett forced a grin as his team made their way into his office. He began to discuss the week's agenda, but it was clear to him that Kono's mind was not on the discussion. "Kono," he commented noting the far away look in the officer's eye.

Kono physically jumped. "Yeah, Boss."

"Think you can track along with us here?"

He blinked. "Sorry, boss. Things on my mind."

"You mean females on your mind," Chin jabbed him.

Steve tapped a pencil patiently on the desk. "Would it be too much to ask if we save the romance for after work?"

Kono gave a quick nod and tried to force thoughts of Chancy from his mind. I can't wait till tonight!

Danny and Kono left the office with the day's assignment that included going by the DA's office for the write up on a case going into court later in the week.

Kono slid into the driver's seat and announced. "I need to buy something for Chancy."

Danny laughed. "Like what?"

"Hopin' you'd help. You think it's too much to send roses?"

"Red ones?"

Kono's brow furrowed. "Are there any other kind?" He turned the key and the engine burst to life. "I want to buy her a surf board. You think she'd like that?"

"Seems pretty expensive." Danny glanced at the traffic as they pulled onto the street.

"She's worth it. Danno, I've never met anyone like her. And she likes me!"

Danny smiled quietly, remembering his own thoughts of Chancy. She is really quite pretty, and nice, and sincere. He brought himself up short. And she is Kono's girl. Romantic interests for him don't come along every day. She's knockout gorgeous, but I need to content myself from afar.

"I need to go by the florist. Help we write something good on the card," Kono asked. He parked the car in front of the window with FTD on it.

They entered the shop, instantly immersed in the floral fragrance that filled the place. Large colorful bouquets and potted plants crowded the walls and counters. It feels like I'm fighting through the jungle to get to the clerk, Kono thought in amusement.

"Can I help you?" The small elderly Japanese woman came out of the back.

"I'd like to buy some flowers," Kono started.

Danny smirked. We are in a flower shop right?

The woman beamed. "For a lady?"

"Yeah," Kono agreed.

"You lady friend?" the women persisted.

He managed a nod, his face flushing. "Something special."

Danny pursed his lips imagining dollar signs.

"This way." The woman began showing Kono a variety of arrangements. He went from one to the next, trying to imagine Chancy's expression and what she would like. "What do you think, Danno?" he asked every couple of minutes.

Danny provided a few comments, and finally glanced at his watch. We've been in here twenty minutes.

Another customer entered. The middle-aged man spoke to the woman who brought out an arrangement of brightly colored cut flowers.

Kono glanced towards the man's bouquet, hoping for inspiration. The man returned a kind, knowing smile. While the older man completed his card, the saleswoman made a phone call, granting a moment for the man to offer in mentoring fashion: "The women, they all love flowers. She will enjoy anything you choose." He paid for his flowers and left.

Kono blushed, realizing that his ignorance was showing. At last he made his selection. "Danno, what do I put on the card?"

He gave a wry look. "What do you want to say?"

"I'm not good with poetry and stuff like that." He fussed with the pen. "Help me out here."

Danny rubbed his forehead. "Um, okay. How's this. 'You are with me all day long…in my every thought. Your smile, your voice, your touch are on my mind.'"

Kono stood still just looking at him. Finally he said. "Can you say that again?" Several more minutes passed while Kono carefully spelled out the words to use for his card. The florist promised the blooms would arrive by early afternoon.

Kono sighed as they got back into the car. "Thanks, Danno. She's gonna love them."

He grinned and shook his head. "You are a real work when you fall for a girl."

"What?" Kono replied with mild indignation. "You jealous, Danno?"

"Jealous? Me? No," he laughed and added in a more sincere fashion. "It's good to see you this happy."

Kono turned to pull the car out of its spot and as he did, there was the blare of a horn as a white corvette ran the stoplight. Tires squealed as another vehicle avoided the car and the old gentleman they had met earlier leapt to the sidewalk for safety as his flowers scattered across the pavement. "You see that?" Kono growled. "Guy's gonna kill someone." He grabbed the magnetic bubble light from under his dash and slapped it to the roof.

"What are you doing?" Danny demanded as Kono hit the siren and floored the gas.

"We're gonna stop that fool and give him a ticket." Kono was furious at the careless driver, in part because the old man who'd been so kind had nearly been hurt, in part because the crazy driver could hurt anyone -- even Chancy.

Danny grabbed the dashboard and he was slammed into the car door. "Kono, we don't do traffic tickets!"

"You got something against traffic tickets?" Kono answered. "That guy needs to be taught a lesson."

"That's an HPD thing," Danny argued, still grasping at fixtures in the car to keep from bouncing around.

Kono spun the car around the corner. The corvette was a half a block ahead of them and was headed for the freeway entrance. "Well, I'm gonna give this sucker a ticket."

"You want to go into court over a traffic ticket?" Danny argued. "Just call in the plate. Let HPD handle this."

Kono stole a glance at Danny. "I bet you never did a traffic stop did you?"

"What?" Danny snapped.

"You didn't come up through the patrols. Bet you've never given a traffic ticket, right?"

He scowled. "What difference does that make?"

Kono laughed. "I'll show you how it's done." He was closing quickly on the corvette now and the driver wisely chose to pull over. Kono pulled the car over behind the corvette and grinned. "Watch and learn."

Danny gave a look of disgust. "Call HPD."

Kono grabbed the radio transmitter and tossed it towards Danny. "You call HPD. Get a black and white backup and run the plate."

"That'll take ten minutes! Hey, we've got other things to do here," Danny groaned, but knew it was too late. He grudgingly squinted through the windshield and the bright reflection to read the plate.

Kono got out of the car, flipping his suit jacket back to reveal the gun in his belt. He started towards the corvette, snapping off the safety. The driver was already slowly getting out of his car.

"Is there a problem, officer?" the man asked as Kono waved his badge.

"License and registration," Kono asked. "You were kind of flying a bit low back there don't you think?"

Danny spoke into the radio transmitter. "Unit 10 to dispatch."

"Go ahead, unit 10."

"Need you to run a plate. Tango Baker Delta 1934."

"Hold for me," the dispatcher replied without emotion.

Danny wiped the sweat from his forehead. He sighed and relaxed back in the seat staring miserably up at the ceiling of the car. Love must have caused Kono to kick into 'shining knight mode.' We are over forty minutes late already.

Kono was waiting as the driver reached behind his back for his wallet. "Was I going a little fast?" the man said with a self-conscious smile. "This baby has a way of getting away from me now and then." He patted the hood of the corvette with his left hand. "Ever drive one of these sweet things?"

"Nope," Kono remarked, his eyes following the man's left hand action. "Maybe you could ask the old guy you nearly ran over."

The man brought his right hand forward pointed the small caliber weapon at Kono and fired four times into the officer's chest before Kono could move.

Kono gasped in pain and astonishment, the impact knocking him backward against the Five-0 car hood.

As the four pops sounded, Danny jumped to full alert, stunned. Good God, what's happening! He was just in time to see Kono stagger and collapse. Danny grabbed for the door handle, jumping from the car, reaching for his gun.

The corvette driver had already made it back into his vehicle the tires burned blue smoke as the corvette fled.

"Kono!" Danny grabbed his friend, alarmed at the rapidly spreading blood on Kono's white shirt. Four circles quickly widened to become one large one.

Kono's breathing was labored, but he was still conscious, his eyes wide in pain, shock and fear. "Danno," he managed to whisper and went limp.

I need help! I need to call for help. I wasn't even watching! I was just annoyed that he wanted to play hero. I wasn't paying attention. Maybe I could have seen this coming! Still numb from shock, Danny ran back to the car shouting into the radio their location, trying to keep calm and not panic. He ran back to Kono's side, pulled off his own jacket to use as a sort of blanket. Several cars and stopped by this time and people were trying to offer help, but none of them were medical personnel and all Danny could was wait by Kono's side praying for help to arrive quickly.


Part 2

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